A Paradise Swing: Exploring the Most Exquisite Tropical Golf Resorts for the Discerning Golfer

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Tropical Getaways
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Are you familiar with the phrase 'in full swing'? In golf, it refers to that perfect moment when the golf club is swung with maximum speed and impact. But imagine doing so in a setting where the salty sea breeze flutters your hair, the tropical sun bronze over your skin, and the swing views end in an infinity of crystal-clear seas. Suppose we tell you such an experience is not only possible but can be luxuriously enchanting?

Heaven on Earth: The Fervor of Fiji's Natadola Bay

Say "Bula" (hello in Fijian) to the charm of Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course. Flanked by rolling surf, swaying palm trees, and crystal clear lagoons, this golf haven is designed by our beloved 'Shark' Greg Norman. Talk about golfing in paradise, eh? Some birdies (pun intended) also shared that the 4th hole offers an unbeatable view of the Pacific Ocean - making it harder to keep your eyes on the ball.

Captivating Caribbean: The Magic of Sandy Lane on Barbados

When you think Caribbean, you think rum, right? But what about teeing off on a velvety green course looking onto an umbrella-sprinkled sandy beach? Sandy Lane offers you just that with its world-renowned Green Monkey Golf Course. Designed by Tom Fazio and exclusive to Sandy Lane guests, it’s nothing short of an intoxicating golf cocktail with a view!

Tantalizing Thailand: The Beauty of Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin

Orchids, spicy food, and... golf? Each hole at the Banyan Golf Club is a story of its tropical enchantment. Our insider tip? Do not miss the stunning sundowners at The Mulligan Pub after a satisfying game – the sweeping golf course and ocean views are to die for.

Rhythmic Riviera: The Decadence of Los Cabos, Mexico

Any lux golfer worth their sand wedge knows that for a truly exhilarating (and somewhat intimidating) game, the Quivira Golf Club at Los Cabos is the place. With a Jack Nicklaus Signature course winding through rolling dunes, desert cliffs, and beachfront landscape, the golf rounds are as smooth as a Mariachi tune.

The Luxury of Mauritius: The Splendor of Le Touessrok Golf Course

Situated on the tropical playground of Ile aux Cerfs, Le Touessrok Golf Course offers a uniquely scenic golfing experience. It's a panoramic luxury with an invigorating after-round 'Ti Punch' cocktail that makes even a bogey feel like a victory.


So these glamorous golf courses are more than just scoring a par. They offer the lux golfers a paradisiacal setting where tee-offs and tropical go hand in glove. Remember, golfing isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life, especially when you can swing your way through some tropical paradise.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to polish our nine irons in an unashamed tropical golfing fantasy (even if it’s currently just a daydream).