Sand Traps & Luxury: Playing the World's Best Desert Golf Courses

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Desert Challenges
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Sand Traps & Luxury: Playing the World's Best Desert Golf Courses

Welcome back, golf enthusiasts! Ever wondered what it would be like to have your swing challenged amidst the breathtakingly beautiful and exotic landscapes of the desert? If so, bring your sunscreen and wild spirit as we explore some of the world's best desert golf courses, which perfectly embody the concept of 'luxury golf'. Note: this isn't just about your skills. It's about the scenic beauty, world-class golfing infrastructure, and experiencing the pinnacle of luxury. Let's dive right in!

The 5 Best Desert Courses

Golfing in the desert is like having a margarita without salt-a bit peculiar initially but just as exciting. Here are our top five desert golf courses.

1. Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, UAE

Located amidst the desert skyscrapers of Dubai, Emirates Golf Club boasts of premium luxury and is one of the key reasons why Dubai is popularly known as the 'Golf Capital of the Middle East'. Don't let the breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline distract you from your game, though!

2. TPC Scottsdale, United States

If there was ever a desert where high-end accommodations meet top-notch golf, it's TPC Scottsdale. Its Stadium Course is considered one of the most exciting properties on the PGA Tour.

3. Assoufid Golf Club, Marrakech, Morocco

The Assoufid Golf Club offers a mesmerizing desert golfing experience. It's like playing on a palace ground in an Arabian Night tale, but with plenty of bunkers and sand. Just stay away from the magical lamps; we can't guarantee a genie would improve your swing.

4. La Quinta Resort & Club, California, United States

La Quinta Resort is an oasis for golfers where Hollywood celebs and pro golfers team up on the greens. It's like playing Monopoly, but you’re garnering birdies instead of property cards!

5. The Phoenician Golf Club, Arizona, United States

With a stunning panorama of the Sonora desert and Camelback Mountain, The Phoenician Golf Club is a luxury surrounded by nature’s best. It's truly a postcard-worthy place in every golfer's dream.

Prepping for Desert Golf Challenges

Desert golf not only offers an incredible view but also presents unique challenges. Here’s how you can conquer them:

  • Remember Albert Einstein's wise words when dealing with the desert heat: 'Time is relative.' Get an early morning tee time to avoid extreme daytime temperatures.
  • Practise sand arena. Tricky bunker shots and grainy lies can bring trouble in desert golfing. Don't let the sands of time catch you unprepared.
  • Keep your favorite 3-wood handy as desert courses are designed with less rough and more fairway bunkers.
  • Lastly, hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! And we are talking H2O, not margaritas.